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Name: B&L Nottingham
Date: 07/26/2014
Message: Good informative web site. Nice to see a locals-oriented repair shop offer tips to help its customers make their cars last longer and save car maintenance money where it is often wasted on too-frequent oil changes (and other money traps). We have no problem letting ERauto handle our starter motor replacement, and we're sure they'll be thorough and fair and stand behind the part(s). Pricing seems fair to both sides... we want them to pay their bills and be a healthy local business... and we'll get reliable "starts" when the temps start to dip...

The Honest Repair Shop You Can Trust!

Eagle River Automotive

Is A


We Provide Professional Full Service Automotive Repair

Our Warranty is 24 months or 24,000 miles.


Warranty work must be performed in our shop.

Except when outside our coverage area of 25 miles.

Family owned and operated since 1984

Discounts Available For Seniors And Military!



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$20.00 off parts on repairs over $250

$30.00 off parts on repairs over $350

Some restrictions apply

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