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Date: 10/27/14
Message: This place is a total ripe off!!! They "Fixed" my water pump in 2012 on my BMW and it continued to leak through 2013 and finally broke in Oct 2014. The best they could say for their work is give us another try and another $1,150 Lol. Again they put the same car through their diagnostic test and stated I needed additional work. They wanted $1, 350. I took the car to the local BMW dealership for a second opinion; the work suggested by Eagle River Automotive was not necessary. Maybe it's because they don't know how to work on BMW's or simply wanted my funds. Either way they lost me with the very poor work. Last winter my wife left her BMW parked outside overnight. The next morning her car wouldn't start. I have it towed to Eagle River Automotive. They wanted $1,375 to repair the car after putting it on their diagnostic machine. Again, I spoke with the BMW dealership and they said the car just needed to be warmed up and driven. No repairs were ever made. $1,375 saved and car drives fine with no problems. Making it my business to inform all of Eagle River to STAY AWAY.

Name: John E. Tuck
Date: 09/11/14
Message: I just wanted to say hello to Mr. Belk. He and my dad I believe were in high school together at Chugiak back in the day. My dad hopes to be at the CHS 50 yr celibration.

Name: B&L Nottingham
Date: 07/26/14
Message: Good informative web site. Nice to see a locals-oriented repair shop offer tips to help its customers make their cars last longer and save car maintenance money where it is often wasted on too-frequent oil changes (and other money traps). We have no problem letting ERauto handle our starter motor replacement, and we're sure they'll be thorough and fair and stand behind the part(s). Pricing seems fair to both sides... we want them to pay their bills and be a healthy local business... and we'll get reliable "starts" when the temps start to dip...

Name: Colt
Date: 11/28/12
Message: This shop goes above and beyond the cliche indentification of "repair" shop. These guys know how to get your wheels running right. You can't put a price on being called and kept in the loop on your vehicle, especially when so many shops give you the run around these days. Thanks ERA, you guys rock.

Name: Justin
Date: 03/30/12
Message: Every experience I've had with ERA has arisen from an unexpected and inconvenient mechanical problem. They have ALWAYS recognized my stress in the situation and have gone above and beyond to save me time and money. It's not just a garage full of mechanics, it's a garage full of car owners who know how stressful car trouble can be and they'll do everything they can for you.

Name: Bill Thomson
Date: 09/21/09
Message: I've used you guys before and have been very happy with the service. Many thanks! Bill Thomson

Name: Jessica Young
Date: 11/18/08
Message: Hi I just wanted to say think you for every thing you have done for our family.. and happy holidays.

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